Supersets – save time with superset training

Supersets are a great way to save some time in your training. Superset training doesn’t even have to be less effective. On the contrary, it can even offer further advantages to specifically use supersets in your training.

An important question that we regularly deal with here on Fitvolution, the fitness blog for busy people, is how you can integrate maximally effective training into your everyday life with as little effort as possible. Even though training methods like Tabata Training are a great way to do a workout with extremely little time, they will not help you achieve all of your fitness goals. If you e.g. really want to build muscle mass effectively , then you are dependent on sensible muscle building training .

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But even with classic strength training, there are ways to make it more effective and time-efficient. One such possibility is the targeted use of supersets. In this article I will therefore devote myself to superset training. First I will give you a brief overview of what super sentences are in training and what advantages they can bring you. Then I’ll give you the most important information about what you should pay attention to during superset training so that you can really benefit from its advantages.

  • What are supersets
  • Why you should do super sentences
  • Tips for your superset training

At the end of the article you should know enough about superset training to be able to decide for yourself whether it is suitable for your training and how you can use it to make it even more efficient.

What supersets are in training

Strength training supersets are a series of different exercises without a (worthwhile) break in between. With super sets, two or more sets of different exercises are carried out one after the other.

There are basically two types of superset training. Usually the opposite muscle groups are trained in a superset. These are then called classic or antagonistic supersets. But you can also combine two exercises that use the same muscle group. These are then known as agonistic supersets or, more often, mammoth sentences.

4 reasons why you should do super sentences

Supersets are primarily a intensity technique that has long been widespread in classic bodybuilding. That’s because they have some advantages. You should know these advantages in order to decide whether superset training is a good addition to your workout.

1) More intense muscle stimulation

Regardless of whether you do agonistic or antagonistic supersets, both lead to an additional stimulus for the muscles. In antagonistic superset training, this happens through the antagonistic involvement of the other muscle group and the delay in the break. (We recommend to athletes steroide shop erfahrungen) With mammoth sentences, the increased volume in combination with different stimuli within a sentence is the decisive factor.

2) Significant time savings

By eliminating the pause between sets, you save a lot of time. This is also the main reason why I use supersets. This way I can tire my muscles more effectively and less time in the gym. I save about 15 minutes with each training session with super sets.

3) Bigger muscle pump

If you train with super sets, you will find that the volume of your trained muscles is greater immediately after training. This is because the muscles absorb more blood and water due to the intense stress in order to be able to perform at their maximum and for a long time. This creates the pump effect, which is particularly visible in the arm muscles. Above all, this has a motivating effect. This can even be intensified by a training booster with a high proportion of L-arginine and L-citrulline (such as NOX * or Redweiler *) .

4) The body stays warm longer

Especially if you take long breaks between sets during intensive training, then your body can cool down and blood circulation slows down. However, if you stay active, it won’t happen to you. One way to stay active longer is to use supersets.

What you should consider when training with supersets

Supersets are actually not very complicated. Even so, it makes sense if you know a few basic things if you want to work with them as effectively as possible. Then, with a clear conscience, you can try a few things that work best for you.

What kind of superset training is right for you?

The first question you should always ask yourself is about the right kind of superset. Not every type of superset training is equally suitable for every type of training. For this you should ask yourself what your training goal is and, above all, what your training plan looks like.

If you are doing full body training or training after a split of two, then both antagonistic supersets and monster sentences are possible for you. For other types of Split Training is probably only the training with agonistic supersets for you, because opponents are usually not trained on the same day.

If you are primarily interested in saving time, then I recommend the classic antagonistic supersets. Above all, if you want to make your training more intensive, then definitely try a few mammoth sentences.

Supersets – how many exercises should you do in a superset?

Because of the increased intensity, you shouldn’t overdo it with the volume when doing super sets.

With antagonistic supersets it makes sense to simply do two exercises in direct succession. For example, I really enjoy doing bicep curls and French press with the SZ bar.

With agonistic supersets, if I were you, I would also start with two exercises. For example, I like to combine bench press with butterfly on the machine or on the cable pull, whichever is closer. With mammoth sentences you can add more exercises if you want to increase the intensity and volume even more.

How long you should pause between supersets

Basically, when doing strength training, it is very important that you take enough breaks between sets .

Since the load is higher when training with super sets than with classic strength training, I advise you to lengthen the break time a little. After supersets, I take about 30 seconds longer break than with normal training sets. But that also depends a lot on the exercises you do.

In any case, it is important that the break between the exercises within the superset is as short as possible. Therefore prepare everything so that you can start the second exercise of the superset immediately after the first exercise.

How often you should do superset training

In principle, you can do super sets in every training session. I usually do that too. In particular, I like to incorporate smaller muscle groups and isolation exercises into my training plans this way to save time.

Don’t just do super sets in your training session. Especially with demanding exercises, such as the complex basic exercises , it makes sense to do a single exercise in a focused manner.

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Don’t be an ass in superset training

Even if supersets can be very useful, please always think of the others as well. If you are training in a gym and you are there at a time when there is a lot going on, be considerate of the other exercisers. Do not occupy two devices if others want to use them at the same time.

Your conclusion on superset training

Supersets are great. They are suitable to make your training more intensive with simple means and at the same time to save some time.

Pick the right kind of superset, try what works well for you and don’t overdo it at the beginning. If you stick to it and always take enough break between the supersets, then there is nothing wrong with starting right away and benefiting from the advantages of superset training.

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